Thursday, October 17, 2019

Court Administrator and his Problems in Organization Problems Essay - 1

Court Administrator and his Problems in Organization Problems - Essay Example Thus, I would suggest that there be a secret balloting to identify the decisions of the judges on certain matters then, a decision can be reached. One way to improve the communication throughout the organization is first identifying what type of communication does the organization need and prefer. There should also be activities that would be able to help the employees to release their stress. There are several activities that can be done, like, sports events. There can also be a welcome party for the incoming judge and a farewell for the outgoing. This can promote camaraderie among employees. I can solicit suggestions and ideas from Judge Cortez on what she thinks regarding the disputes among the employees. These are valuable insights that might be able to provide the court administrator with an initiative on how to solve the problems. For Judge Cortez’ successor, these proposals can be made so that s/he would be able to start or continue the reconciliation efforts among the offices of the court. 1. In a general way, discuss both the merits and difficulties posed by this case management approach. Relate your response to the general advantages and disadvantages of both the individual and the master calendar systems. One of the greatest advantages of the individual calendar system is that it is easier to pin down delay. One can easily match up to judges’ dockets to find out what are the developments of the cases, whether it is moving or not. On the other hand, the master calendar systems’ highlight is that judges who specialize in a specific phase of the proceedings can be allowed to handle such. Although both systems also carry disadvantages like for the individual calendar system the speed of the disposition of cases depends on the judges. For the master calendar system, the disadvantage lies in the lack of the way to see where the delay is.  

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